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Concord Junior School


Our Art intent

To develop children’s knowledge and understanding while firing their imagination and interest about their learning. We want to engage, inspire and challenge our pupils in all areas of the curriculum and Art at our schools provides the children with the opportunity to explore their talents in a more creative aspect of the curriculum.

We provide children with the knowledge and skills that allow them to explore and experiment with Art, before creating their own original pieces of work.

Children do not just experience the arts; they are active participants and create their own works of art. We teach the children skills which will help them work towards a final piece, in which they have the opportunity to apply everything that they have learned.

Used as a stimulus, children look at or analyse an artist’s work. They learn about significant artists, who they are/were, what the inspiration for their work is and how they have contributed to our culture in this country.

How is our Art curriculum designed?

Our curriculum is designed to help the children know more and remember more. This means that the way we implement our curriculum maps involves repetitive teaching of the key concepts in art. We have planned opportunities for the children to practise, retrieve and reinforce and apply of the key concepts and skills to ensure knowledge sticks in the long-term memory.
To help these concepts stick in children’s memory, we have planned Art to link to our topics, however skills are taught discretely and then applied to a meaningful context.


We use the National Curriculum to form a foundation for our curriculum design, focusing on:
• Drawing
• Painting
• Sculpture
Across all units of work, the children will have opportunities to explore skills and techniques, evaluate their ideas and create their own original pieces of work, as well as taking inspiration from great artists and designers throughout history.
Across these units, we focus on the following concepts, to ensure the children are revisiting and embedding these in their work.