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Concord Junior School


At Concord, our computing curriculum is designed around the four key areas, as outlined in the National Curriculum. These are computer scienceinformation technologydigital literacy and online safety. The combination of these areas equips our children with the ability to safely and confidently use a computer.

We teach computing using Switched on Computing, which enables us to deliver a coherent, complete computing curriculum helping pupils to progress their knowledge, understanding and skills in computing. 

 There is a ‘spiral’ approach to sequencing the units, with themes recurring year by year. This provides ample opportunity for pupils to:

  • consolidate technical skills
  • achieve fluency with a range of key applications
  • develop their knowledge and understanding of the principles that underpin digital technologies and the changing consequences of these for individuals and society.

Each year includes units covering the foundations, applications and implications of computing, ensuring that pupils progress in the computer science, information technology and digital literacy strands of the computing curriculum. It also encourages creativity, collaboration and thinking skills.

Online Safety

Online safety themes are outlined within each unit and are linked to a broader exploration of these ideas throughout our RSHE/PSHE curriculum and special events and days through the year.  



More information about Online Safety can be found on our website page Online Safety