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Concord Junior School

Curriculum Intent

 ‘Creating Excellence Together’

At Concord, we believe our curriculum must be creative, broad, rich, experiential and ambitious to enable all learners to:

Make informed choices to keep themselves safe, healthy and able to determine their future

Benefit from a seamless journey of lifelong learning through the development of academic excellence

Become the best version of themselves and make a successful contribution to society








We are proud to deliver an ambitious curriculum, following the National Curriculum key programmes of study and which is purposefully designed and sequenced to inspire enthusiasm for learning, ensure achievement for all, support pupil wellbeing and happiness and equip children with the knowledge and skills needed in preparation for their future learning and employment.

Our thematic curriculum is based on exciting half-termly themes.  Staff weave the subjects together to create an exciting and engaging ‘Learning Journey’ for the children.

 Throughout our curriculum, we try to instil the school’s core values in everything we do:

The learning journeys are displayed in each classroom, showcasing the development of children’s learning over their theme. Within each learning journey, children are taught the necessary and progressive skills from each area of the curriculum.

Each learning journey is shared with families, with examples of work being showcased at regular intervals. Underpinning each learning journey, key vocabulary is used to enhance the learning and create cross curricular links.


At the start of each learning journey, the teachers carefully plan a practical and immersive learning experience to ‘hook’ and ‘engage’ the children.  Through this immersion day, we aim for all children to be engrossed in their learning, whilst developing and enhancing their natural curiosity and engagement within the topic.  

Our curriculum is knowledge-engaged and practical, meaning that we focus on key skills and the knowledge needed to apply those skills.  Children get the opportunity to visit an array of places, discuss topics with a variety of experts and visitors as well as exploring the wider world around them.

Furthermore, we strive to link whole class texts to our thematic curriculum, allowing children to gain an insight into valuable background knowledge, vocabulary and relevant imagery when studying a particular topic.

Following the learning journey, we provide the children with an opportunity to apply and showcase their knowledge, through a variety of strategies such as presentations, class performances or informative videos.

Each of the foundation subjects is assessed for each pupil throughout each learning journey. This allows us to ensure all children are progressing to their full potential across the entire curriculum. 



Curriculum Document 

Curriculum Overview