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Concord Junior School


Our Geography Intent

We have ambitious goals for our pupils in all areas of the curriculum and this is clearly evident in the planning and delivery of our curriculum. We have chosen substantive concepts and important disciplinary knowledge about how geographers answer questions about their subject.

We want our pupils to appreciate the diversity of cultures and the complexities of our world, using their knowledge to bridge divides and bring people and places together. Ultimately, we want the children to understand and appreciate the world around them.

Our curriculum helps pupils to understand the world and their responsibilities as global citizens and understand the impact their actions have on the world.

How is our Geography curriculum designed?

We have designed a curriculum which will provide our children with substantive knowledge in the following areas: location, place, human and physical processes and geographical skills. This content will be underpinned by key disciplinary knowledge – how geographical knowledge originates and how it revised. It is through this disciplinary knowledge that our pupils will learn the principles and practices of being a geographer.

We have sequenced our curriculum so that the curricular revisit these key concepts, whilst learning about a range of places. As they move through the key stage, the curricular goals will becoming challenging, so it is vital that teachers revisit the previously learnt content when introducing this new, more complex, knowledge.   

In terms of locations that our children learn about, we begin in Y3 in with the children learning about Europe, the continent they live in and that is most familiar to them. This then also supports their learning in History in Y4 in their Romans topic. The children then move onto studying North America in Y4 as this, again, will be a more familiar continent. In UKS2 the children then learn about locations which are further away or not as familiar, which we see as more challenging. 


What are our Geography concepts?

We have chosen concepts to help us categorise geographical knowledge, enabling us to structure and support the pupil’s learning in geography.

We have the following key substantive concepts (colour) and secondary concepts (grey):

We know that in order for the children to understand and make links between these concepts, they need to learn the relevant knowledge and skills.