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Concord Junior School

Pupil Leadership

The School Council gives pupils a voice in the development of Concord Junior School. Pupils are elected annually and the School Council has two representatives from each class.  

We believe that our School Council encourages pupils to understand and value the ideals of British Values, democracy and citizenship.  Our School Council focuses on a wide range of issues including safety and well-being, lunchtime routines and the curriculum. 

Our School Council meet regularly with Senior Leaders to discuss issues in school.  Part of the role is to report back to their classes and find ideas to help improve our school.  

Elections are run in September each year and candidates wanting to be elected wrote speeches to persuade their classmates that they would make a good class representative.  Qualities of a good school councillor include being a good listener, being confident, having a loud voice and being able to take on board other children’s ideas.