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Concord Junior School

Remote Education

Information for families

Working with our community to safeguard and educate our children has never been more important.  We are committed to providing the best home learning opportunities and support that we can through this time of increasing uncertainty.  

Remote Education Policy 

Blended Learning

At Concord and Wincobank Academies, we use a blended learning approach to remote education. Teachers make considered decisions about the delivery of each unit of learning to ensure it is delivered successfully. They choose from:

  • recorded teaching via Class Dojo or those made by other teachers through BBC bitesize, RWI and Oak National Academy
  • live teaching (online lessons) via Microsoft Teams
  • sessions addressing misconceptions or adding challenge via Microsoft Teams
  • printed paper packs produced by teachers
  • textbooks and resources as required 
  • reading books for beginner readers which can be exchanged following strict social distancing at designated times
  • commercially/widely available websites supporting the teaching of specific subjects or areas eg virtual tour / Google maps

Class Dojo can be accessed on a smart phone as well as laptops and tablets, this facility ensures that it is an accessible communication and teaching tool for the vast majority of families.  Parents /pupils are invited to upload photos of daily learning to their individual portfolios on Dojo.

In Summer 2021, we received an allocation of laptops from the DFE and these can be made available to pupils who don’t have access to the resources they need to engage in online learning. Parents who have difficulties accessing remote learning are invited to phone school or message the class teacher on Class Dojo.  We will help wherever possible.

All pupils will be provided with printed materials, workbooks & everyday resources they need to access the online learning.  Staff review the work completed and feedback to pupils via Dojo messaging, Teams or a telephone call.

We expect all pupils to engage in home learning daily during the school week.  However, in exceptional circumstances, we work flexibly with parents whose work commitments make this difficult, as long as the pupils receive the education they are entitled to and make progress.

Parental support is vital to all pupils – we all work better with support and praise. However, the level of parental support needed will depend upon the age and ability of your pupil. All pupils will be given learning they can do independently but our younger pupils will need a mix of short periods of close support and access to you to ask questions/ get help during the whole of their learning time. Years 5 & 6 pupils should be able to engage in most of their learning independently, but your support will help them to achieve maximum progress.

All children have personal accounts for the following platforms:

  • Mirodo (Y3-5)
  • SATs Companion (Y6)
  • Accelerated Reader
  • MyOn
  • RockStar Maths

If your child cannot remember their login details, please contact school.