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Concord Junior School


 Our Science Intent

Science has, and continues to, change our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity.  We believe all pupils should be taught the essential knowledge, methods, processes and uses of Science.  At Concord, our intent is to develop children’s knowledge and understanding while firing their imagination and interest about the world around them. 

Lower Key Stage 2 - the blossoming scientist

Exploring, talking about, testing and developing ideas.

Upper Key Stage 2 - the maturing scientist

Going deeper and wider into the three sciences - children will be encouraged to ask their own questions and analyse functions, relationships and interactions.


 Our aims in Science

  •     To provide children with lessons which involve them in thinking and working in certain ways in the pursuit of reliable knowledge.
  •     To provide the foundations for understanding the world through teaching the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.
  •     To ensure children understand how scientists work and develop they own skills to become:
    •     observant, curious, imaginative and creative.
    •     disciplined, analysts of data and to be able to draw explanations and conclusions.
    •     analytical of their own work and that of others.
  •     To promote Science as a potential career for all children.

Key Concepts

Science at Concord is underpinned by these key concepts. The children are aware of the different scientific concepts and which they are developing within the context of each lesson.

These concepts are then built upon in each unit, when the children meet them in each of the year groups. We feel that these key concepts provide them with the foundation needed to approach any scientific situation in their future learning and the wider world. 

These concepts allow us to see progression in Science as well as providing children with the building blocks to base their new learning; their new knowledge on.

As well as these substantive concepts, we also develop the children's working scientifically skills, both in discrete investigations and as part of their substantive learning. By identifying these skills, we can ensure the children have the necessary tools to become effective scientists, as well as making clear links to prior learning.


Science Unit Overviews

  •      As Science is such as broad subject, we wanted to ensure that each unit has a clear sequence and progression, as outlined in the National Curriculum. These overviews allow staff to clearly see what the prior learning for the children will have been, and what the next steps in this unit will be.
  •       This also helps us to identify the key knowledge for all children, especially SEN learners, as well as how we can challenge more able pupils to better prepare them for the next stages in their learning.