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Concord Junior School


Uniforms give pupils a sense of belonging and create an identity for the school in the wider community.

Pupils are expected to wear school uniform comprising:

  • white shirt or polo shirt
  • blue jumper or cardigan
  • black or grey trousers, shorts or skirt
  • black shoes (flat)
  • gingham summer dresses are optional

Concord School uniform, bearing our school logo, can be ordered through school.  All uniform, except tops with logos, can be bought at any supermarket.

Articles of clothing are much less likely to be lost if marked clearly with the name of the owner. This is doubly important in the case of items which are frequently removed, such as coats, jumpers and cardigans.


For health & safety reasons, no jewellery, except small stud earrings and watches, should be worn in school. 

PE Kit

All pupils have a lesson of PE each week and should wear appropriate PE kit which consists of:

  • white or blue polo shirt or t-shirt
  • black shorts/jogging bottoms
  • PE pumps or trainers.  
  • a blue sweatshirt is optional.

All items of PE kit can be bought at any supermarket as it does not have to have the school logo on.

Personal belongings

Valuable items, costly toys or games and money should not be brought to school unless absolutely essential. When it is necessary to bring these items to school they should be handed to the teacher or taken to the school office for safekeeping.